Orthopedic Assessment Clinic (OAC)


How we help

Three Hip and Knee Orthopedic Assessment Clinics (OAC’s) have been established in the Waterloo-Wellington Region.  In these clinics, a specially trained physiotherapist assesses each person to determine the urgency of referral and if it is a surgical or non-surgical case.  An appointment at an OAC may then be followed by an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon or a recommendation for conservative care.  Wellington Physio & Ortho is a host to the Guelph location.


A referral through your primary care provider is required to obtain an appointment at an OAC.

Fees & Payment

Fees for a visit to the OAC are covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).


  • Hip or knee pain.


  • Assistance in the management of pain due to osteoarthritis

What to Expect

You will begin your visit by completing a medical questionnaire. After the questionnaire, a specially trained physiotherapist will review your health information and complete an examination.  Based on their evaluation you may be referred for a surgical consideration or recommended for other conservative options.  Expect approximately  30-60 minutes for your visit.

Please wear comfortable footwear, bring a list of all medications, a walker or a cane (if you use one) and bring shorts or wear loose fitting clothing.


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