Game Ready Compression and Cryotherapy


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Game Ready is a rental product Wellington Physio & Ortho supplies to customers.  It replaces the traditional “RICE” (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) used to passively control pain and swelling by actively integrating ice and compression therapy in one system.  The Game Ready system offers an comprehensive range of lightweight easy to use wraps that are anatomically engineered for specific body parts and available in a variety of sizes to assure optimal performance and a comfortable fit.

Useful for weekend warriors to professional athletes and from sprained ankles to knee or shoulder surgery and many applications between.

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No referrals are required to obtain the equipment, however many extended health care plans require a prescription in order to make a claim.

Fees & Payment

Rental fee is $600/two weeks and $300 per week for any additional weeks requested.  Applicable taxes apply.

The Game Ready is covered by many extended health care plans and quotes for third party approval can be provided. The rental (in most instances) must be paid for directly and submitted to extended health care plans by VISA or Mastercard.



  • Injury (swelling and pain reduction).
  • Post surgery reduction in pain (significantly decreases the requirement for narcotics to manage pain).
  • Interest in speeding up recovery.
  • Preference to limit use of narcotic medication post injury.
  • Relied on by Olympic athletes, special military forces and teams from virtually every professional sport around the world.


  • Speed up recovery
  • Lessen or eliminate use of narcotics by providing effective pain management
  • Decrease inflammation

What to Expect

Once you decide to order Game Ready you will complete a form with your personal information and the area of injury and/or date of surgery.  Our clinic staff will determine sizing where needed.

You will receive confirmation of the date of delivery from Game Ready.  Instructions and the unit will be delivered to your home or office, wherever is most convenient.  The unit is easy to set up, employing only a wrap around the body area and an attachment to the machine to circulate ice water and provide compression.

The rental period starts ( in most cases) two days after delivery.  If you will be staying in hospital, the Game Ready will be used subsequent to your hospital stay.    Should you decide to keep the unit longer, advise the clinic and Game Ready and arrangements will be made for an alternative return date.  The instructions will include directions on how to contact the courier to arrange pick up at the end of your rental period.


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