Bracing Solutions


How we help

Bracing is a therapy option that uses external braces on various limbs to provide additional support for unstable joints or ligaments.  In addition, bracing can reduce pain by minimizing pressure on affected joints.  For new or old injuries, you can use bracing be it tennis elbow, knee osteoarthritis, sports injuries or post surgical support.  Trained fitting specialists and direct communication with physician, physiotherapists and bracing suppliers allow us to accommodate a wide range of bracing solutions.  From the elite athlete, accidents, repetitive injuries and surgical recovery, we can help you get back to doing what you enjoy.

Our bracing specialists can offer a wide variety of pre-fabricated, patient ready bracing solutions for conditions affecting most areas of the body (knee, foot and ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow and hand and wrist options).   In addition, Wellington Physio & Ortho can also provide customized bracing that is fabricated and designed based on your precise body type and needs.  A custom brace minimizes the chances of poor fit leading to sub-par performance by taking individual measurements.  You, your physician and your bracing specialist will work together to determine what best suits your needs.



Referrals are not required to obtain a brace, however we recommend a referral to provide an accurate diagnosis to provide the best brace for your needs.

Please book an appointment to set aside time to speak with our brace specialist, however often we can accommodate walk ins.

Fees & Payment

Bracing fees differ based on the science and construction of each brace.  We can provide quotes for pre-determination of coverage by insurance companies.

HST applies to many non-custom braces with or without a prescription from your physician.

We accept cash, cheque, visa, mastercard and debit for payment.


  • Injury(knee ligament, ankle sprains, walking boots, plantar fasciatis supports, and, finger and wrist bracing)
  • Before and/or after surgery
  • Deterioration in joints because of overuse, or age (unloader hip braces for osteoarthritis)
  • By Doctor recommendation


  • Increase stability in an unstable joint
  • Off-load unwanted pressure
  • Options for waterproof casting (Exos)
  • Restrict unwanted excessive bending, twisting during recovery

What to Expect

An accurate diagnosis is a vital first step to selecting the best brace for your purposes, as well as determining when and for how long the brace should be worn for maximum benefit.

Booking an appointment with our bracing specialist will provide the time to discuss options and provide a fitting for a custom brace if necessary.  Please wear loose clothing or bring clothing to change into for the area where bracing is required(shorts, tank top etc).  You will often be able to try on sizing for over the counter products and will be measured for any custom products.  If a product is ordered, you will be called when it is available for pick up.



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