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At Wellington Ortho & Rehab, we believe that the comprehensive care of the entire musculoskeletal system will contribute significantly to the overall health and well-being of our clients. Providing multi-disciplinary integrated care was the vision of the clinic when established in 2009 and continues to be the focus over 10 years later.

The clinic is home to 16 practitioners, including physiotherapists, a bracing specialist, massage therapists, a chiropractor, a physician specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Orthopedic surgeons. Other than our physiotherapy and bracing department, our remaining specialists operate individual practices within the clinic with their own staff. The Orthopedic assessment clinic and the Inter-professional Spine Assessment clinic also reside within the clinic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have established safety protocols to ensure the safety of visitors to the clinic as well as the staff working at the clinic. The COVID-19 Safety measures can be found here…

The Clinic is open for in person and telerehab treatment options.
The clinic continues to offer Telerehab physiotherapy services (where appropriate) for those who prefer not to attend the clinic. You can explore Telerehab options here….

The Game Ready® compression and cryotherapy system is an effective way to passively control pain and swelling after surgery or injury. Call 519.837.2020 or apply for Game Ready® online. We are the exclusive providers of the Game Ready® system in the Guelph area.

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At Wellington Ortho & Rehab Associates we believe that comprehensive care of the musculo-skeletal system is essential to a positive sense of health and well being. Our goal is to treat you with the highest standard of care available. Let’s start the conversation about your health.


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